Where to Store Your Belongings During Home Renovation? Smart Storage Options


Remodelling or renovating your house seems exciting but equally cumbersome activity that requires careful planning. It doesn’t matter if your home renovation is a smaller one like one single room/kitchen or for the entire home. It will definitely cause massive disturbance in your regular household routine.

One of the foremost things that needs to be considered is to make sure that there is an adequate storage space for your possessions. You should properly plan for your existing personal goods before remodeling so you will stay organized and minimize inconvenience.

5 Smart Storage Options During Your Home Renovation

1. Properly Designate One Room for Storing Your Goods

It will be a good idea if you have some additional space. You can simply allot a room in your house to keep everything which needs to be out of the way during home renovation. Your builder can also help you to ensure that your area is dustproof, weather-proof and secured so that it remains safe during renovation work.

Any space which you don’t use will be apt for it like a guest bedroom, any empty space in the basement or the garage corner in the garage. If you are finding it challenging to give some space, do remember that it is the most cost-effective solution. But it will not work if you are remodeling your entire home.

2. Stack Furniture and Other goods in the Middle of Room

One another cost-effective option to store your goods is to push all the items in the middle of the room that is to be renovated. You can cover the things with multiple layers of plastic sheet to protect them.

It is not a perfect method but will work if you do not have large furniture in the room and you have to be extra cautious to cover all your possessions adequately to avoid any damage from construction paint and dust. Before deciding, you should think about the risk of accidental damage to your furniture or antique piece of replacing or cleaning them after the remodel in comparison to the storage price.

3. You can Store Your Possessions with Your Relatives and Family

If you do not have adequate space to store your belongings at your premises, you can simply ask your family or friends to keep your goods at their place for the time being.

It would also be a cost-effective option if someone has extra space to lend you while renovating your home. Always remember that your project could take more longer than estimation. So, be on the same page during the discussion that it may take a little longer than expected time frame. Rest is up to you.

4. Opt for Portable Storage Containers

You can also opt for portable storage containers, which are perfect options for those who want their stuff to be stored out of the way. This is a common option for storing items during a home renovation because of its flexibility and convenience. It will eliminate the requisite of relying on relatives and friends for the storage and also ensure that your goods are accessible and secured anytime you need them.

There are ample options available to you based on the container size you need. The portable storage unit of your desired size will be perfectly delivered right at your doorstep.

Alternatively, you could have a mobile container, which is stored somewhere else including a secure self-storage facility. After your renovation is over, it could then be delivered at your premises as per your convenience.

5. Choose Temporary Storage at Secured Storage Facility

Opting for self-storage is an ideal option if accessibility is not a problem for you. It is also a perfect option if you wherein you cannot keep portable storage containers on the driveways.

Traditionally self-storage facilities are a personalized space to store your excess stuff at Storekar- offering self-storage services in India and store your belongings and will get them in the exact condition you left them when you pick them up.

Most of the self-storage companies provide a comprehensive range of sizes so you can opt for the right one to cater your needs. If you are not sure about the exact size of the self-storage unit, you can use a self-storage calculator to avoid wasting space and money by getting a unit that is too big for your needs.

As you will see, you have a lot of storage options available to you when it comes to your home renovation. At Storekar, we provide most convenient and secured self-storage services at nominal monthly rents.