How are Businesses Benefitting from Self-Storage Facility?


As providers of self-storage solutions for businesses, Storekar self-storage has the privilege of collaborating with professionals from various fields, such as estate agents, construction workers, event planners, and more. During this journey, we've gained valuable insights into how our services can benefit a wide range of industries, and the art sector is certainly no exception.

Self-storage services in India by Storekar offer numerous advantages tailored specifically to the needs of the art industry. This includes preserving valuable artworks and providing versatile spaces for creative endeavours. Whether you're an art gallery owner in need of a secure and dependable location to store your art collection or an artist seeking a flexible workspace, self-storage is the ideal solution to safeguard and nurture your artistic vision.

Protection Against Environmental Factors

Self-storage units prioritize the protection of art from environmental damage through various means. Notably, our units are well-insulated to maintain a stable internal temperature, effectively shielding artworks from the potential harm of extreme weather conditions, far better than spaces like garages, sheds, or attics. Additionally, storing art in self-storage units’ guards against harmful UV rays, significantly reducing the risk of sun damage and fading. This is especially valuable for preserving framed artworks such as paintings, photographs, and other pieces susceptible to fading when exposed to sunlight.

Secure Art Storage

At Storekar, we place a strong emphasis on the security of stored art. Controlled access systems limit entry to authorized individuals, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. To enhance security further, we require renters to provide their own padlocks, ensuring they have exclusive access to their units. For added convenience, padlocks can be purchased at our Box Shop located at our self-storage sites throughout North West England.

To provide additional peace of mind, our facilities are equipped with 24-hour CCTV surveillance. Strategically positioned cameras continuously monitor activity in real time, serving as a deterrent against potential theft and vandalism. With our comprehensive CCTV coverage, your art's security is vigilantly monitored around the clock.

While these safety and security features create a reliable, protected space designed for storing art, it's important to note that arranging your own insurance coverage and consulting with art professionals are essential steps to ensure additional protection and preservation of your valuable pieces.

Display and Storage Space for Exhibitions and Museums:

The art industry has diverse needs, including storage for valuable pieces and exhibition spaces. Self-storage facilities offer flexible solutions to meet these varied demands. These facilities can be converted into temporary exhibition spaces, allowing museums to create pop-up galleries to showcase artworks and installations. Additionally, self-storage units provide ample storage for exhibition materials like display cases, lighting equipment, and signage. This makes it convenient for museums to organize and access these items for exhibitions.

Our self-storage units are well-suited for storing artworks that are not currently on display, facilitating collection rotation and enabling museums to offer fresh and engaging experiences to visitors. Seasonal exhibitions, for example, can be securely stored until their designated exhibition time. In this way, self-storage units serve as versatile solutions catering to the storage and showcasing needs of the art industry.

Off-Site Storage for Artists and Collectors:

Self-storage facilities are crucial in offering off-site storage solutions for artists and collectors. Here's how they provide these valuable services:

Security: Self-storage units offer dedicated and secure storage space to protect valuable artworks, supplies, and collections.

Space Optimization: With various unit sizes available, self-storage facilities allow artists and collectors to choose the perfect space that meets their specific storage needs. The flexibility to adjust unit sizes makes it easy to adapt to changing storage requirements.

Accessibility: Self-storage units enable artists and collectors to maintain an organized system for their artworks and collections, allowing for easy labelling and arrangement within the unit for convenient access and retrieval.

Confidentiality: Storage units provide artists and collectors with the privacy and confidentiality they desire for their stored artworks, ensuring that valuable pieces are protected from unauthorized access or public view, preserving the integrity and exclusivity of their collections.

The Perfect Studio Space for Artists:

Self-storage units offer more than just storage solutions; they also serve as versatile workspaces for art professionals. Renting a dedicated studio or workspace can be financially challenging, especially for emerging artists or those with budget constraints. In this regard, self-storage units provide a cost-effective alternative, offering spacious areas that can be easily transformed into functional workspaces.

Many self-storage units offer a high degree of flexibility and customization, serving as a blank canvas for artistic expression. Artists have the freedom to adapt the space according to their specific needs and creative processes, whether it involves setting up easels, workbenches, or specialized equipment. These self-storage units empower art professionals to create an environment that nurtures their artistic endeavours.

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