How to De-clutter and Organize a Storage Unit


Are you using self-storage services in India? Do you regularly clean your storage unit? Have you ever thought of the items that are not useful anymore, and you must discard them?

If you have ever faced the task of cleaning out a storage unit, you might know how tedious it can be. Maybe you have taken over a storage unit full of furniture pieces, antiques, and other sentimental items. On the other hand, you might have paid up for an overdue and noticed that there is an excess of dust that has started building up in your storage space.

Regardless of the circumstances, cleaning and vacating a storage unit is not at all an interesting task. Also, there are certain factors to consider: Is it best to donate or sell, or get rid of a few items stored in your unit? Do you need to hire any professional or a junk removal team to help you out with the process? And much it could cost to wipe out the waste from your storage unit.

Eliminate the waste: Know how to clean out and de-clutter your storage space

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about wiping out junk from your unit. This includes when to consider selling items or donating, and how to get rid of whatever is being left. So, if you are planning to clear up your unit or vacate it, in the process of relocating, or just want to do some seasonal cleaning, we have got you covered.

Preparing to clear a storage space

1. Take inventory of the items stored: The first and foremost thing to do is to take inventory of the contents stored inside. This step state if you have taken on a storage space recently or a few months before.

Consider the below-mentioned steps to know the current condition of your unit:

    • Note down all the items you see. Keep a pen and paper in hand and mention the large items you witness immediately. Even if you have no time to sort things, it is a good idea to begin from somewhere at least- count the number of boxes, click pictures, etc.
    • Get an idea of what you need. Then you can note how many cartons, and bags, you will need to make it organized. Begin to estimate how much time it will take to clean it out. Figure out if you need someone to help you. However, taking out inventory will help you to know it better.
    • Make an open space inside or outside of your storage space. This will help you get an area to process other steps of de-cluttering. If the space is limited, vacate a corner or set up a temporary canopy to process articles outside your unit. Make sure you are not blocking the way to anyone else’s storage unit.
    • Look for the boxes available inside. Open as many as possible and take a quick inventory of the contents stored inside. You can skip this step if your boxes are already labeled. Make quick notes for each box, if you have something valuable, delicate, etc.
    • Having a rough idea of stuff before you start to clutter things will help you know exactly what works for you ahead.

2. Seek help from your friends or family: to reduce the burden of the cleaning-out process, it is essential to prepare yourself. Select a time to work on each task and come back equipped with garbage bags, labels, and moving supplies. Seeking help from friends and family to assist can also help time pass faster, making the transition much more relaxing. Play some music to feel better.

Before you clean your storage unit, make a note including:

How much time do you actually need to complete things? It is better to get an estimate here. Split everything down into smaller tasks and plan how long each of them will take. Keep in mind that you may require more than a day to wipe out your storage clutter.

Know how many people you actually need. It will be helpful to have more than one person. Ask for help and make sure you have all the support you need. Further, know if you have some sort of sentiments attached to any stuff. Discarding items with emotional importance can be overwhelming. This is natural, so don’t stress yourself out if you are not able to accomplish things easily.

3. Sort stuff into categories: Keep, sell, donate, and store: It is an effective way to sort out the items. Purge everything into different boxes- keep, sell, donate, and store.

    • The keep box must-have items that you can remove from your storage unit and ready to bring home.
    • The sell box will have items that you don’t use anymore but are functional.
    • The donate box will have goods that you wish to give to charity and help people in need.
    • The store box will include the ones that you wish to store in your unit and get access to them only when in need.

4. Remain attentiveand complete the task: One of the biggest clean-out mistakes that many of us do is to give upon the job before it is actually completed. It is easy, to begin with, good intentions but getting distracted in the middle of the process and giving up is not feasible. Make sure you take proper rest while you finish up the process appropriately.

The final words: If you have read all the points given above and still feel stuck, you may want to hire a professional organizer. Someone who cleans out the areas properly and helps you from getting distracted.

Professional organizers are the best way when you need to clean out your self-storage facility. Since they have no attachment to the items, they can help you make a rational decision about what to keep, sell, donate, or store making it more convenient for you to finally eliminate waste that you have been safekeeping for so long.