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While renovating your home, it is best to declutter your essential household goods and furniture so that they would not get damaged. Storekar’s Box storage services is the most feasible and reliable option for storing your Bedding, Furniture and Kitchen Appliances while your home gets an upgrade. Our sturdily built storage containers are perfect for short periods or long periods. We will deliver storage boxes at your business or home, construction site and more. When you’re done with your task, just drop a call and we will pick and move it to your new location.

Our storage boxes are perfect if you wish to keep them with you. Always keep your valuable belongings secure and safe at your doorstep. Our box storage solutions are perfect for home renovations, seasonal sports equipment, and more.

How We Provide Box Storage Solution?

Step 1

Contact Storekar, decide on the space you need, get a quote and book your storage unit.

Step 2

Diligently pack your belongings and bring them to our storage units. We can provide you with packing materials and recommend movers.

Step 3

Move in. Carts and a lift are available to assist you. Lock your storage unit with your padlock.

Step 4

Access your storage space as and when you desire.

Why Box Storage Services by Storekar?

A Dedicated moving specialist is there at every step of the way who knows and deeply understands your requisites.

There is no need to rent a truck or travel to a storage facility. Get the Storage delivered right at your doorstep.

It doesn’t matter wherever you are going or whatever you are storing your goods are safely stored with us.

Storekar offers you robust storage containers of different sizes to safely store goods or files. You can use these boxes to pack your shoes, clothes, books, mementoes, decorations, jackets, winter clothes, quilts, blankets and so on. We offer the most affordable storage option to our dedicated clients. We provide affordable storage options to the No one can enter our storage area with the desired access because we have the complete area with the biometric access denial system. Whenever the client needs to check or retrieve their belongings, they can come and get it without any hassle. When you are looking for storage space, you can ponder Storekar's Safe Storage as the best option to keep your belongings.

After 35 Years, you diligently learn the concerns of your customers.

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