Seasonal Inventory Storage

At Storekar, we strive to be top leaders in the warehousing segment with our robust approach to the seasonal storage solutions.

Most of the commercial houses deal with seasonal goods, which is popular during certain months of the year. When this occurs, seasonal storage needs arise. Our dedicated team is always ready to serve you and take the challenges of assisting our clients perfectly through their seasonal inventory requisites.

Premium Storage for Your Vintage Automobile

Every individual desires that his beloved vehicle should not be left out in the open. Unfavorable weather and other climatic conditions can compromise the integrity of the vehicle and lowers down its overall value. In this situation, they opt for premium vehicle storage. APML’s safe and secure car storage options are considered as the best.

The secure and convenient storage is the best for protecting customer’s vehicles from the external calamities. It does not matter the length of time you require to store your vehicle, you can count upon us. Our highly flexible automobile storage ideas never fail to satisfy the long term and short term requisite of our diverse clients.

We Assist Customer to Cater Their Flex Demand

When the business houses and consumers flex their inventory to meet their seasonal demand, they require surplus warehousing space and storage capacity.

That’s where we step up and provide the most secured and flexible inventory solutions. We deeply understand that our customer’s requisites are not just always the one year round solutions and sometimes fall into the peak inventory storage solutions.

Seasonal Inventory Solutions by Storekar

If you have a continuous seasonal demand, we would help your organization to get prepared for the rush months. We have ample storage space for our dedicated customers and are prepared to distinctly categorize your inventory on the basis of your product life cycle. This enables us to accommodate the products, which are required to be shipped out using their last in first or first in first out process. Our extra ordinary warehouse management system assures that your inventory won’t be elapsed and left to gather dust on our shelves.

Our diligent team takes its own time to understand the length of your peak season and customize our process to be the distinctive match for your requisites.

With Storekar by APML, you can expect top-tier storage and warehousing solution including

    • Efficient inventory management
    • Seamless fulfillment during the holidays

Streamlines Order Fulfillment, No Matter the Demand

Whether your brand’s demand varies throughout the year or if you practice a consistent need for fulfillment, we have covered with a warehouse, which can simply satisfy all of your fulfillment needs. We operate out of a 1.6 million square foot warehouse and specialize in streamlining supply chain execution for each of our customers.

Busy Warehouse Personnel during Peak Season

When you partner with us, you gain a partner who is ready to help you make the right steps towards successful shipping, distribution, and fulfillment of your products.

If you have seasonal goods that you need to store, we have the storage space available and want to talk to you! Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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