Relocating Your Office or Home is one of the most challenging tasks. There are ample options available to make your relocation experience convenient and easier. You can hire Storekar- a dedicated self-storage unit of APML helps to ease out and smoothens your relocation process.

Self-Storage Units are Safe & Secure

If you are moving to smaller space with all your goods including extra stuff not required for longer time like seasonal goods, festive stuff, standby equipment or sentimental personal goods that taking up space, you can rent a self-storage space for having more space at home or office.Storekar Self-Storage Facility is fully equipped with CCTV Surveillance, Fire Fighting Equipment, Pest Control Facility and Digital lockers. It would be the wise decision to store your valuable items in the storage before relocation process starts. So, you don’t have to worry about their safety and security.

Flexible-Space Service

You will have an option to choose flexible space if you do not have so much items to store. This service makes the work of storing and relocating items much convenient for business owners and home owners. With a single call, you can move, store and retrieve your belongings. You do not need to prepare packing boxes in advance or employ a professional mover

Affordable & Cost Effective

A self-storage facility may help you to save you money in distinctive ways during your relocation. For instance- The lease of your current office is about to get over but you have not finalized the new office location, you can rent a storage space, which is more affordable solution despite extending your rental agreement.

There are distinctive benefits of renting a storage services in India while moving your business or home. It will make your relocation process easier by lowering your stress, minimizing losses and protecting your delicate assets. These facilities also give people who are migrating to the new location by enabling them to relocate their stuff in stages. Storekar is best solution for businesses and individual looking for extra space at the nominal rents.